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Ear Surgery

Imagine feeling great about wearing your hair up. Prominent ears that stick out attract attention and for some people this can cause distress. Prominent ears are usually an inherited trait that can lead to comments that can make one embarrassed or self- conscious.
These feelings can lead to social isolation creating a barrier to pursuing all the opportunities life has to offer. The solution for those that are bothered by prominent ears is “ear pinning” or otoplasty. This procedure reshapes the ear cartilage through incisions behind the ear.

What is Ear Surgery or Ear Pinning

Ear pinning at The Best You corrects protruding ears. Ear pinning is a type of otoplasty, or plastic surgery on the outer ear. Your surgeon may need to remove cartilage and skin behind your ears, and will use permanent sutures, or stitches, to pin back your ears.

The results are rewarding and the benefits are great. This procedure is one of the few cosmetic procedures covered by OHIP for individuals up to the age of 18.

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