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Four Reasons Men Should Get Laser Hair Removal

“Do men get laser hair removal?”. We often get this question and the short answer is yes. Plenty of men like to rid themselves of unwanted hair from all kinds of areas. In fact, in many cases, laser hair removal can be even more beneficial for guys than ladies. Which brings us to: if you are a man and you’re not getting laser hair removal, consider this >

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 “BROTOX” 101

“Brotox” aka BOTOX® for men has become an increasingly popular esthetic treatment. As women are looking more youthful; men are eager to achieve the same

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How We Age in 2022

“One shoe does certainly does NOT fit all” when it comes to aging. It is a truly individual phenomenon and it depends on many factors.

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What is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has gained tremendous momentum across many diverse medical disciplines. Unlimited clinical applications and long history as a safe, low-risk autologous treatment

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Summer fun in the sun

Those blissful weeks between Victoria Day and our August Civic holiday seem to fly by, especially with trips to the beach, the park or if

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GrenzCine product review

The Best You Medical Skin and Laser Clinics, we are dedicated to skin health and skincare. We deliver results by recommending only the most effective

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