How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost in Canada?

coolsculpting cost in canada

Who wouldn’t love a toned, tight body? While not all of us are great fitness enthusiasts, I think we can mostly agree that we still want the perfect beach body!

We also all know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle including a good diet and a consistent fitness regimen is key to helping us achieve that dream body, but at the same time, it’s not always enough.  

Some of us have a genetic tendency to store more fat than we would like and in places we don’t want like our chins, waist and thighs. Then, adding sedentary jobs into the mix puts us at a further disadvantage.  

Luckily, the field of medical aesthetics has a wide array of procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, chin implants, injectables and CoolSculpting to help us achieve the chiseled, toned look. This blog focuses on CoolSculpting because it is very cool! 

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What is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a groundbreaking technique, known as cryolipolysis, developed in Boston, MA. This procedure freezes the fat cells in our bodies which are then eliminated naturally through the body.

Interestingly, doctors noted that children who sucked on frozen popsicles started developing dimples in their cheeks. They concluded that it was caused by freezing of the fat cells in their cheeks. 

Using this same theory, CoolSculpting involves a controlled application of cooling in areas of fat deposits where the temperatures can be as low as –11C. The procedure itself is completely non-invasive so it’s not scary at all.

This non-surgical cosmetic procedure is a great choice for healthy people who are struggling with the appearance of their body and could benefit from more definition. Each treatment session is about an hour and usually requires about 6-8 sessions. 

The procedure is meant to produce permanent results; however, the results may not be visible immediately as the frozen fat cells are slowly eliminated from the body over a few weeks to months.  

If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting or having the procedure, do yourself a favour and seek out a clinic with qualified medical aestheticians and plastic surgeons who have undergone CoolSculpting training to achieve your optimal results. 

Is CoolSculpting Expensive? 

Well, I guess the best answer is that ‘it depends’. There is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment when it comes to CoolSculpting. I think I would flip that question around and ask, “What is CoolSculpting worth to you?”  

Look at it from a different perspective. Let’s say you’ve reached your ideal weight or as close to it as you can get with appropriate lifestyle changes, but you still have some stubborn fat in certain areas that just keeps hanging around – how do you finally get rid of it?

This is where CoolSculpting comes in and gets you to the finish line. It’s relatively fast, predictable and there’s no downtime for recovery! In this case, it may be more of a bargain than an expense! 

Factors Affecting CoolSculpting Prices 

In Canada, the cost of CoolSculpting varies from $750 to $6000. 

There are different factors which contribute to the cost of CoolSculpting and include the:  

  • number of applicators used  
  • size of the treatment area  
  • expertise of the clinic  
  • experience of the technician  
  • location you live in (city or province of Canada)  
  • competition in the market  
  • time of the year 

Let’s look at each one in more depth. 

1. Size of the Applicator

The applicators that are used in the CoolSculpting process vary in size. So, the larger the area, the bigger the size. While smaller applicators may cost roughly $750 for a session, a larger one may be upwards of $1500.  

2. Size of the Treatment Area

If you are looking to treat the chin, the cost will be different from that of the abdomen. Generally, the applicator size is directly related to the body part, the larger the part, the larger the size of the applicator.

Additionally, certain areas may require the use of more than one applicator and the frequency and intervals of treatment will also differ. Therefore, the cost of CoolSculpting varies according to the treatment area.  

3. Expertise of the Clinic

The more expertise and experience a clinic has in CoolSculpting, it may cost potentially more. You are paying for the knowledge, training and expertise of the technician too, not just the applicator wand or treatment area.

It makes a lot more sense to pay more to get better service than to pay less and get poor service with no results. Eventually, the return-on-investment is higher on a job well done! 

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4. Experience of the Technician

Experience leads to expertise. And expertise costs more. It is recommended that you go to a clinic where there are experienced technicians who are well-versed in the technology and procedure.  

5. Location of the Clinic

Larger cities have a better infrastructure and economy to sustain these medical procedures. The bigger the population, the more clients, which means more demand. As such, the costs of CoolSculpting will reflect these factors.  

6. Competition in the Market

If there are fewer clinics offering this service, there may be higher prices as they can charge a premium since there is little competition. It is a good idea to research potential CoolSculpting clinics and choose one that is reliable and may have multiple locations and make an informed decision.  

7. Time of the Year

There are certain times of the year where discounts or promotions are offered. You should be on the lookout for these specials and take advantage of them. One word of caution: sometimes the deal may be too good to be true! (Don’t trade expertise for price – it may not always work to your advantage.)  

CoolSculpting Prices in Different Cities of Canada  

As mentioned above, CoolSculpting prices will change across the cities and provinces of Canada. Cities such as Regina where the income and population are different from Toronto will likely have slightly different price points.

In Toronto, for example, the costs may be the highest, but the difference will not be huge. Within Canada, CoolSculpting costs will range from $700-$850 for a small treatment area and may run over $5000 for multiple body parts and larger areas.  

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Don’t Rely on Prices of CoolSculpting when Choosing a Clinic  

If you are serious about getting CoolSculpting, don’t look for a “deal”. Instead, look for a certified medical aesthetician and a reputable clinic that has been in business for a long time. You don’t want to go to a place that is there today, and out of business a few months later.     

Remember, CoolSculpting is a medical procedure and should be performed by certified medical aestheticians. Stay away from DIY devices which may be harmful. Peace of mind and safety are of the utmost importance so don’t be “pennywise, pound foolish”! 

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The Best You® clinics have been around for over 2 decades now and have been pioneers in bringing medical aesthetics technologies and products to Canadians. With expertise, experience and focus on client satisfaction, their teams of doctors, nurses and medical aestheticians will always exceed your expectations.   

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