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Art Filler

Introducing ART FILLER®

Art Filler is the premium range of hyaluronic acid-based fillers
with lidocaine that's designed to rejuvenate your skin! Whether
you're looking to smooth out wrinkles, plump up your lips, or
restore lost volume and contours in your face,
ART FILLER® has got you covered.


Achieve your desired look and restore your confidence with ART FILLER®

Art fillers are designed to be injected into the dermis to fill wrinkles and give your skin a plump and youthful appearance.With the exclusive ART FILLER® collection, you can enjoy the added benefit of lidocaine for a pain-free and comfortable experience.

The HAUTE SCULPTURE DERMAL FILLING technique uses ART FILLER® to smooth out superficial-to-deep wrinkles, plump up your lips, and create or restore volume and contours to your face.

You can achieve your desired look and restore your confidence with personalized consultations and expert guidance from our certified surgeons. Don’t let wrinkles hold you back.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles!

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What is an Art Filler?

The ART FILLER® collection, launched in 2016, consists of five distinct products formulated with FILLMED’s TRI-HYAL technology, combining 3 types of non-animal origin hyaluronic acid for optimal malleability.

The range is designed for smoothing wrinkles, sculpting, and adding volume with fluidity, flexibility, and precision. Each product has a specific treatment objective, respecting the individuality of each patient.

FILLMED’s TRI-HYAL technology is one of their latest and exclusive innovations used in the ART FILLER® range.

Filmed Range

Art & Science Behind
Art Filler

The use of hyaluronic acid injections for wrinkle filling, plumping, and contouring is an art that requires precision and skill to achieve an aesthetic and harmonious result.

Similar to an artist using creative flair to produce a beautiful work of art, the practitioner must have an eye for aesthetics and the best tools to achieve the desired outcome. The result should allow your personality and natural look to shine through, much like a portrait.

The ART FILLER® collection serves as a palette for the practitioner, allowing them to express their art while respecting the individuality of each patient.


The exclusive range of dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid smooths wrinkles, plumps lips, and restores facial volumes and contours.

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