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You eat right, you work out and you still can’t get rid of the belly bulges and love handles. You deserve to Look.Feel.Be® your best and that’s why liposuction may be right for you!

Liposuction for men offers so many potential benefits…

Male liposuction procedures work much the same as those for women. It focuses on removing unwanted pockets of fat in areas such as the abdomen, flank regions, thighs, hips and arms.

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Are you a good candidate for Liposuction for Men

If you are in good health over the age of 18 close to your ideal weight who wants to remove excess localized fat, you are a potential candidate for male liposuction. During your initial consultation with the surgeon, it is important to discuss your concerns and aesthetic goals to have realistic expectations about your final results.

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What can you expect on Liposuction for Men

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If you are interested in removing excess localized fat and close to your ideal weight, you may be a candidate for male liposuction if you are healthy and over the age of 18. We recommend that you book an initial consultation with the surgeon so you can discuss your concerns and aesthetic goals to have realistic expectations about your final results.


You will be given detailed post-surgical care instructions at your consultation visit. Most patients can return to their normal activities within 3-5 days. However, it is important to avoid strenuous exercise and activities until you are cleared by your doctor. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. You may need to wear a compression garment to aid the healing process. You will notice a change in your body’s contour once the fluid retention and swelling have subsided. We will be available to help you with any questions or concerns during the healing process.

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Pre and Post Liposuction Results

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This is how the male client looked before liposuction.

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Check out the recognizable change after a liposuction was performed

All You Need to Know About Liposuction for Men

There are several non-surgical alternatives to liposuction for men. They include: CoolSculpting (freezing fat cells), Zerona (low level laser), Kybella (injectable for double chins), Liposonix (high intensity ultrasound), UltraShape (pulsed ultrasound) and Vanquish (radio frequency). Please note that our clinics may not offer all of these treatments.

Before the procedure, IV sedation or general anesthetic is administered. Then, several small incisions are made in the area which is to be treated. Small cannulas (thin, hollow tubes) are inserted into these incisions and moved around gently to dislodge excess fat. This fat is then vacuumed or suctioned out of the body. Once the procedure has been completed, a compression garment will be placed around the area to contain swelling and bleeding and help to shape your new body contour. The surgeon will also give you complete post-surgical care instructions as well as pain medications to assist during recovery.

In preparing for your liposuction procedure, you may be asked to have bloodwork and a physical examination to ensure you are in good health prior to surgery. You should also be committed to enjoying a healthy lifestyle which will include diet and exercise to help you maintain your results. After surgery, you may require some assistance in performing day to day tasks while you recover. From a mental perspective, it is also important to have realistic expectation about your post-surgical results.

The prices of liposuction will vary depending on the areas the procedure will target. Generally, a smaller area will cost less than a larger area. Additionally, the cost will factor in the experience and expertise of the surgeon, anesthesia, facility fee and if other “add-on” procedures will be performed. The prices can range from $1900-8000 for a single treatment area.
Since liposuction is a surgical procedure, pain, bleeding, and infection are possible. One risk that often is overlooked is that although liposuction removes fat cells from the body, any weight that is gained after the procedure will be stored in a different part of the body. Other risks that may occur include permanent nerve damage and therefore, changes to sensation in the skin, and the development of indentations of the skin in the treated area.
In Canada, only licensed, qualified, and trained physicians, dentists, and registered nurses are able to administer BOTOX® for cosmetic or medical purposes.
Yes, there are various liposuction technologies that are available. They include BodyTite (radiofrequency), SmartLipo (laser), and Vaser Lipo (ultrasound).
There should not be any pain as the procedure can be performed under anesthesia. There may be some swelling and mild to moderate discomfort afterwards, however, your doctor will either prescribe or recommend pain medication post-surgery.
Because the fat cells are removed from the area being treated, the results are meant to be permanent. However, any weight gain may affect your overall results. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The best surgeon for performing male liposuction is one who is in good standing with the college and a certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should have experience, be able to show you examples of any procedures that have been done and be able to answer all your concerns and questions. It is important that you feel confident and comfortable with your doctor.

The Best You® has 6 clinics throughout Ontario to serve you. Our team of qualified doctors, nurses and medical aestheticians are always available to answer any of your questions and concerns. All our in-house or affiliated plastic surgeons are well-reputed and have extensive experience and expertise in liposuction – Dr. Akyurekli (Owen Sound, Brantford), Dr. Seki (Orillia), Dr. Gencarelli (Collingwood, Owen Sound), Dr. Borsuk (Ottawa). Please feel free to book a consultation with one of our specialists to learn more about liposuction for men.

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