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How can a threadlift enhance your life?


While a traditional facelift can offer incredible transformation, there’s a new and ideal option for those who aren’t yet ready for a facelift but want a “little something extra” that injectables and energy devices may not provide. Thread lift is one of The Best Youä’s latest and most exciting treatments. It’s the in-office “lunchtime lift” that delivers results you’ll adore for months to come and with minimal recovery!

Although thread lift is an innovative treatment in aesthetics, it has been used safely for decades to treat gynecological conditions and suture medical incisions. It mechanically causes instant skin lifting by contracting fat tissue which results in tighter skin. Collagen production and neovascularization rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level and improves skin texture.


Are you a good candidate for a ThreadLift?

A PDO threadlift is versatile and can be used on any part of the face. A thread lift may be for you if you are experiencing loose or sagging skin in these areas: 


Threadlift Procedure & Recovery

A specially trained physician marks the treatment areas on the patient during the in-office procedure and administers local anesthesia.

A needle is gently inserted into the skin to a depth of 5mm and the biocompatible PDO sutures are placed under the skin and resorb over time.

Total treatment time is approximately 45 minutes and is well-tolerated by clients. Clients are usually able to return to work post-procedure.

Thread Lifting Before & After Images

Be a New You with Thread Lifts

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know About

PDO (polydioxanone) thread lifts (aka feather lifts, lunchtime face lifts, PDO threading, face threads) are non-surgical procedures which helps to “lift” loose facial skin. In traditional face lift surgery, loose skin is surgically removed, but during a thread lift, loose skin is stitched with surgical thread (sutures) that has textured filaments to hold and suspend it. This gives the effect of the skin being pulled back or tightened and lifted.

While results vary from individual to individual, the effects of a thread lift (face threads) can last anywhere from 1-3 years. 

The cost of a thread lift / face threads averages approximately $2000. The cost is dependent on the number of threads (sutures) that will be used during the procedure. Usually, the cost of the threads ranges from $1000-1500. The number of threads to be used and the cost will be discussed during the consultation. 

The risks from thread lift procedures / facial threads are minimal. Some clients report skin irritation along the threads that have been placed under the skin and slower healing times than expected when they have touched or manipulated the skin in the area of the thread lift.


Thread lift / face threads procedures are not painful. Before the procedure begins, local anesthetic is given so you will not feel anything. If anything, the discomfort may be like dermal filler injections. The sensation of the threads being pulled may be different than what you might be used to.

Both procedures have their place. While a thread lift helps to reduce wrinkles and lift sagging skin, it cannot soften or plump up the skin and replace volume like fillers. A consultation with the doctor will help you determine which procedure will help you achieve your cosmetic goals best.

The pros of a thread lift include the fact that there are instant results, virtually no downtime, and they complement other facial procedures. The cons are that the results vary from individual to individual, your skin may tingle a little after the procedure and they may not work for people with severe skin laxity (looseness). The pros and cons will be discussed during the consultation when determining if a thread lift is right for you.

Both procedures have their merits. Botox® and thread lifts aid in restoring a youthful appearance. One is not “better” than another but which procedure you choose will depend on several factors. This is best discussed with your doctor during your consultation to determine which procedure will meet your needs the best.

A thread lift does not damage your skin. However, some people may have redness or bumps in the skin over the area where the threads are place which resolves over time.

Generally, thread lifts do not cause sagging. However, this procedure is performed on those who have mild jowls, sagging and loss of definition and contour. During the consultation, your doctor will discuss treatment options with you to ensure your expectations are met with the correct treatment(s).

It is best to give yourself a few days to rest and recover after a thread lift. Depending on the physical nature of your job, you may be advised to take a longer break by your doctor. The recovery period allows the tiny needle punctures in your skin to heal which may be sore and red.

There is a slight risk that your body may reject the threads since they may be perceived as a foreign body. Your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure with you during your consultation.

If you have minimal sagging and jowls with some loss of contour and definition, a thread lift may be the answer for you. It will provide you with smoother and tighter skin using a minimally-invasive procedure. Your doctor can give you more information on its benefits during your consultation.

After a thread lift, it is best to avoid wearing makeup and touching your face for 48 hours and minimize sun exposure. Additionally, you will have to follow a soft diet to avoid putting excess strain on the threads which is caused by chewing. Similarly, you should not engage in rigorous activity like high-intensity exercise and rubbing or scrubbing your face. Abstaining from smoking and alcohol before and after the procedure will aid in healing.

Yes, thread lift procedures may be repeated to maintain the results.

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