A Little Drip Goes a Long Way.

How can Vitamindrip® (High Dose Vitamin C) enhance your life

Forget the supplements and bottles of tablets and upgrade your vitamin experience. The Best You® offers a uniquely curated selection of vitamin infusions from Vitamindrip®. We’ve got the perfect, proven effective solution to give your body what it needs to thrive so boosting your immunity and keeping overall wellness stay top-of-mind.

Vitamin C deficiencies have been linked to an increased risk of infection, as well as immune system defects. Although some infections such as colds aren’t generally dangerous, they can cause pneumonia and other respiratory problems, particularly for older people. A cold can indicate a decline in immune function, which could make one more vulnerable to serious infections.

Vitamin C deficiencies can affect many key aspects of immune function in fighting dangerous viruses like COVID-19. These include the innate system of cells that kill invaders, those that coordinate them, and the production of antibodies to fight known infections

Is is right for You

Are you a good candidate for aVitamindrip®

  • You frequently feel stressed or anxious
  • You are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms
  • You get bad seasonal allergies
  • You are looking for something to boost your mood or immune system
  • You feel lethargic or nauseous, including after a night out
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