Pro-Derm – Hydrogel

  • Hydrogel helps to rapidly soothe sensitive skin that has been irritated or dehydrated due to aesthetic interventions, sun exposure, hair removal, shaving or laser treatments. Hydrogel promotes well-being, relieves itchy skin caused by dryness, and helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier function. Suitable for all skin types.
  • 100ml.


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Dermo-soothing and moisturizing gel for body and face. Quickly relieves sensitive, irritated or dehydrated skin. Helps to restore the natural barrier of the skin. Improves the skin’s tonicity and elasticity.

How to Use?

Apply immediately after laser treatments, sunburns, hair removal or other skin irritations. Repeat as needed. Restores the skin’s protective film after bathing, showering or shaving.


A synergy of plant and marine ingredients with antioxidant benefits ensures exceptional efficiency.


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