Micro-Peel Mask Formula – Pro-Derm

  • A face, neck and neckline mask conceived to tighten facial pores, deeply exfoliate the skin, and refine the skin’s texture. Suitable from normal to oily and prone to blackheads and dilated pores skin types. Not recommended for very sensitive skin.
  • 125ml.


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An advanced formula composed of glycolic acid (AHA). Eliminates dead skin cells and reveals a radiant complexion. Reduces premature signs of aging. Prevents changes caused by photoaging.

How to Use?

After having thoroughly cleansed your face with Pro-Derm’s Gentle Cleanser, apply an even layer of approximately 3mm of cream. Mild tingling sensation can be felt when applying the cream. It is normal. It is a sign that your skin is responding to the AHA exfoliating properties. After 20-30 minutes, remove the mask with a warm facial cloth and rinse with clear water. This mask does not dry on the skin. May be repeated once a week.


Glycolic acid (AHA), a key ingredient in this product, is stabilized to foster maximum action throughout the application.

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