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All You Need to Know About Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery refers to surgery that is performed to enhance a person’s appearance. Plastic surgeons perform cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve an individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem along with their outward appearance.

There are many different types of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery can be performed on many different areas of the body. They include, most commonly, breast augmentationliposuctionrhinoplasty (nose jobs)tummy tucks, buttock enhancement (butt lifts), rhytidectomy (face lifts) etc.

Plastic reconstructive surgery focuses on treating various parts of the body that may have been affected by birth defects, trauma, infection, or tumours. This type of surgery restores aesthetics and function in the affected area. Cosmetic surgery focuses on improving the appearance or aesthetics of an individual through surgical procedures.

Often people associate plastic surgery and plastic surgeons with major metropolitan centres in Canada. While major urban centres have many surgeons to choose from, there is not one city that is best for plastic surgery. The best cities to have plastic surgery are cities that have well-trained, board-certified plastic surgeons who can provide good care to their clients.
It is important to ensure that your plastic surgeon has the appropriate training and credentials before you commit to your surgery. You can check on The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery’s website to see if your surgeon is listed. Beyond credentials and training, you must feel comfortable with your specialist and trust him or her. The Best YouÒ has 6 clinics located throughout Ontario (Collingwood, Orillia, Owen Sound, Ottawa, Brantford and Kincardine) with 4 board-certified and well-reputed plastic surgeons who work in or with our clinics that are qualified and committed to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.
The cost of plastic surgery ranges dramatically depending on the area being treated, surgical procedure(s) used, and number of procedures being performed during one surgery. It is best to book an initial consultation to discuss the cost in more detail.
Generally, OHIP will not cover cosmetic surgical procedures that are performed only for aesthetic reasons. OHIP will cover surgeries that are reconstructive or trauma-related.

Different clinics may offer financing or you may use outside establishments to help finance your surgery. The Best You can offer a financing option which can be discussed with you at your initial consultation.

If you are unsure of what treatment you may require, it is best to book a consultation to discuss your long-term cosmetic goals with our team of doctors, nurses, and medical aestheticians.
While there is no specific age for cosmetic surgery, anyone under the age of 18 requires consent from a parent or legal guardian. Additionally, it is preferable for the potential surgery candidate to be physically matured (post-puberty and growth) and to have realistic expectations of the outcomes.
All cosmetic surgeries will enhance your appearance and help you achieve the look you desire. However, everyone is unique and “pretty” in a different way. Being or feeling “pretty” also comes with feeling confident and any cosmetic surgery that helps you feel better about your appearance will also make you feel prettier.
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