Breast Lift

Rediscover the feminine allure that’s all your own.

How can an Breast Lift enhance your life

There’s nothing that compares to feeling confident in your own skin – no matter the shape or size. One of our most popular procedures that is specifically intended to restore your feminine contours and silhouette, a breast lift is the ideal procedure to empower you to discover your best body with a profile and shape that’s naturally authentic to you. The most confident you is within reach – it’s closer than you think, and it’s all your own.

Time, gravity, pregnancies, breast feeding, and other elements can decrease volume in women’s breasts and deplete their skin of elasticity. A breast lift can raise and reshape breasts to reverse sagging breast appearance and restore a more youthful appearance. For many women, breast lift surgery has boosted their confidence and made a big difference in their lives.

Is is right for You

Are you a good candidate for a Breast Lift

A breast lift procedure is a good option if you are unhappy about the shape or volume of your breasts, are in good physical condition, have fully developed breasts, not pregnant or nursing, and have realistic expectations about the results of breast lift.

Breast Lift allows patients to:

  • Improve symmetry of your breasts
  • Improve uneven breasts
  • Create better body proportions
  • Restore lost volume and height that occurred
    during pregnancy or from weight loss
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What can you expect on Breast Lift

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A typical breast lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia in one of our surgical suites. It involves making precise incisions, removing excess skin and moving the nipple to a higher location on the breast. We make every effort to leave minimal scarring, but you may have a visible scar from the areola to the lower crease of the breast following this surgery. The majority of scars become almost imperceptible with time. In those instances were scarring remains visible we do have a variety of medical and light based options that can help reduce their appearance.


After surgery, you may be uncomfortable for up to 10 days after surgery. We recommend that all patients avoid strenuous physical activity for 14 days to minimize bruising and swelling. We will provide written post-operative instructions.

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All You Need to Know About Breast Lifts

Breast lifting surgery is known as a mastopexy.

A breast lift or mastopexy helps to correct sagging breasts by reshaping and raising them.
Although surgery is a more permanent solution to lift breasts, exercising, supportive bras, good posture, and eating a nutritious diet can all be beneficial.

Women who have lost volume in their breast or whose breast sag may consider having a mastopexy or breast lift surgery. Additionally, women who have had considerable weight loss, finished breast-feeding and other natural changes may consider improving the firmness or shape of the breasts.

The cost of mastopexy will vary based on surgeon, the facility as well as the individual’s needs. If other procedures are performed in addition to the surgery, the cost will increase. The range for this surgery is $7000-10,000.

The cost can range from $7000-10,000.

Generally, the results of a breast lift will last for 10-15 year and in some cases, even longer.

During a breast lift surgery, some skin and/or breast tissue is removed to allow for the repositioning of the nipple and areola. The breast tissue is repositioned, so they appear fuller and higher (not sagging).

Immediately after surgery, you may feel some discomfort and swelling in the area of the surgery. However, the results will be visible right away. You may have drains along with bandages over the incisions. Your surgeon will advise you to rest and limit your activities.

It usually takes about 2 weeks for the incisions to heal fully.

After breast lift surgery, it is important to allow your body to heal. Lifting more than what your doctor has recommended may delay healing, open the incision, or increase your risk of bleeding.

Your doctor will advise you at your post-surgical follow-up appointment when you can start lifting weights. Usually, it is recommended that you wait 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Keeping in mind that a mastopexy is surgery, you can expect some tenderness, pain, and discomfort in the breast region for a few days following surgery and this will subside over the next week or two. Your surgeon will also prescribe pain medication for you to take after your surgery to help alleviate any pain you may experience.

As long as the breasts have finished developing completely, a breast lift can be performed. For younger women who may want to have children and breastfeed in the future, it may be best to wait until after they have had their children. 

The bodies of different women vary. It is better to seek a consultation with a good plastic surgeon to know about the potential harms of a breast lift surgery. 

Typically, the surgeon will remove the sutures of your mastopexy 10-14 days after surgery.

After your breast lift, shower very carefully and for a very short time. The surgical tape and/or dressings should not be removed as the incisions should not get wet. After showering, it is important that you carefully pat dry the area without rubbing or touching the dressing and incisions.

Try to maintain or adopt a healthy lifestyle prior to surgery which includes eating nutritiously, exercising regularly and strengthening your core muscles. Refrain from smoking and alcohol which will increase your healing time. Your surgeon may ask you to have bloodwork done prior to surgery and any medications you may be taking may be stopped or altered before surgery. You may also consider asking in advance for extra help with errands, chores, and childcare after surgery.

Because incisions are made during the surgery, there may be some minimal scarring. Usually this is unnoticeable as they are on the underside of the breast.

This is best discussed with your surgeon at your initial consultation visit. At this appointment, it is best to let your doctor know what your cosmetic concerns and goals are so you receive the best guidance to make an informed decision.

The best breast lift or mastopexy surgeons in Ontario, Canada are those that are board-certified, in good standing with their College and have a good reputation. You will determine the best surgeon for you based on your rapport and comfort level with the surgeon. The Best You® has several excellent surgeons that either work in or are affiliated with our 6 clinics across Ontario – Dr. Akyurekli (Owen Sound, Brantford), Dr. Gencarelli (Owen Sound, Collingwood), Dr. Seki (Orillia) and Dr. Borsuk (Ottawa).

The Best You® is the best place for a mastopexy as our team of surgeons, nurses and medical aestheticians put you and your needs at the forefront. Your personal enhancement journey is our top priority and as such, from the initial consultation, through surgery and beyond to your follow-up appointments, you have our full attention. Our team has experience and expertise to help you achieve your cosmetic goals and answer any questions or concerns along the way.

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