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Chin Implants

How Can A Chin Enhance Your Life?

Loving your chin is always “in”.

Like an exquisite monogram, your chin is one of the most distinguished and defining features of your facial profile. To the finest detail, you deserve to have confidence in your image and appearance in the mirror, no matter what that means to you. The Best You will guide you along every step of your surgical journey, for results that allow you to feel your most confident from every angle.

A chin implant can correct a receding jawline. Minor enhancements to the chin could balance out the rest. A chin implant can also help nearly 20% of people who are interested in rhinoplasty. A receding jawline can make one’s nose look more prominent. Implants will help restore facial balance, and enhance the nose’s fit. Implants for the chin are placed under the chin through a small incision. This scar is almost invisible. Chin Implants cannot be detected by your peers as natural facial balance is maintained. 

Your surgeon can help you select the best chin implant design for your face. The selection process will include computer imaging, as well as fitting various sizes. During your consultation, you will be offered other options, including altering your jaw to avoid the need for an implant. 


Are you a good candidate for a Chin Implant?

If you have a weak chin and normal jaw function, chin augmentation with implant might be the best option. You might have used temporary soft tissue enhancements in the past to achieve a stronger face. Now you are looking for a permanent solution. You should be in good health and have normal functioning defense mechanisms, just like with any implant surgery.


Chin Implant Surgery & Recovery

A small incision can be made underneath the chin to place solid silicone implants. An incision must be made within the mouth if other rigid biocompatible materials are being used for facial augmentation. You can secure the chin implant in place by either creating a pocket or attaching it to bone or soft tissue. The chin augmentation is complete when the cut is closed. The entire procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes, unless there are other procedures. To help with the swelling following surgery, tape is often applied to your skin.


The extent of recovery from aesthetic chin procedures depends on the method used and whether additional methods were done at the same time. You will generally be awake and active the night of your chin surgery. Your lower lip will go “asleep” as if you had to visit the dentist. Your chin will feel mildly inflamed and sore the next day. The surgeon might give you a gown or tape your chin to support the chin during the swelling phase. The best way to help swelling recede is to keep your head up. If the chin augmentation was done via the mouth, the swelling will resolve in a matter of days. To ensure that the sutures don’t become irritated after eating, you should rinse the mouth. Sutures are usually removed within 4-7 days of cosmetic face surgery.