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How can an otoplasty enhance your life?

From your Airpods to your favourite pair of earrings, your ears are among the most distinguished features of your facial anatomy – and worth feeling confident about! No matter your age, an otoplasty can provide remarkable facial transformation and make a profound difference in your confidence. We’re here to listen to your personal cosmetic goals, and to guide you along the path to exploring how an autoplasty can help you feel empowered every time you look in the mirror. 

We all love a good listener – and with such a key role in your day-to-day live, you deserve to love everything about your ears. Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that corrects abnormalities in the ear. Many patients are unhappy about the size or shape of their ears. This is often a common complaint, especially in children. Some patients find that they are too large or too long. Sometimes, people may be born with ear defects or they might have a defect that was caused from trauma. No matter the cause, otoplasty is a procedure that can correct many unwanted cosmetic issues in the ears.


Are you a good candidate for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a quick outpatient procedure that can be done on anyone unhappy about the appearance of their ears. One or more of these are common for candidates for otoplasty: 


Otoplasty Surgery Procedure & Recovery

Your surgeon provides otoplasty that is customized to your anatomy and makes it possible for you to achieve rapid, transformational results. They’ll makes an incision hidden behind or within the ear. The incision can be made to remove excess cartilage and soft tissue that may Impair the ear obstructively. If the ear is missing normal folds, creases, or cartilage, these can easily be added by adding permanent sutures. In some cases, it may take several techniques to achieve the desired outcome


After your otoplasty, special bandages will be wrapped around your ears to hold them in their new positions. Patients often experience moderate swelling and some bruising following ear surgery. For the first week, avoid vigorous activity. To minimize discomfort, patients can recline with their heads raised. 

Your surgeon will remove the bands and inspect your ears within one week. Each patient’s recovery process is unique and can vary. However, you can expect to return to work and other light activities within one week. Although every patient is experiences something different, your results should be visible within two weeks. 

WITH Otoplasty