Give Your Skin a Boost with NCTF® Boost 135HA

What is NCTF Boost 135HA

Who doesn’t love to wake up looking fresh and rested like they’ve been on vacation for a few weeks?

Well, now, with NCTF® Boost 135HA, your wish has come true! No matter how well you eat, exercise, hydrate or apply sunscreen, your skin will still age over time as the cells responsible for producing hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, called fibroblasts, decrease with age.

These three important proteins act as the skin’s scaffold providing support and texture, but as you age, the loss of these proteins causes the skin to become lifeless, dull, and the texture becomes more uneven, and wrinkles begin to appear.

NCTF® Boost 135HA stimulates the skin, but does not change expressions or facial features.

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What is NCTF® Boost 135HA?

New Cellular Treatment factor, otherwise known as, NCTF® Boost 135HA is an anti-ageing mesotherapeutic product (introduces vitamins, enzymes, and plant-based minerals into the skin). This complex nourishes your skin by creating a microenvironment that contains multiple ingredients that allows your skin to thrive.

  • Hyaluronic acid (non-animal source) hydrates the skin and increases skin elasticity
  • 12 Vitamins stimulate collagen synthesis, absorb damaging UV rays, and neutralize free radicals (Vitamins C, B8, B5, B9, I, B3, B6, B2, B1, E, A, B12)
  • Amino acids serve as the building blocks for important skin proteins like elastin and collagen
  • Minerals optimize cell function and metabolism
  • Co-enzymes stimulate necessary metabolic reactions
  • Antioxidants reduce and counteract free radicals to protect skin and reduce pigmentation, fine lines as well as wrinkles

With this powerhouse of nutrients, is it any wonder your skin feels revitalized, rejuvenated, and radiant?

The non-invasive treatment protocol includes 3 applications 15 days apart. Each treatment involves:

  1. A skin cleanse followed by a superficial chemical peel which is performed in the clinic
  2. NCTF® Boost 135HA which is applied in the clinic and is followed by a microneedling treatment which allows the nutrients in NCTF® Boost 135HA to penetrate deeper into the skin
  3. One dose of a topical cream that is applied 2-3 hours post-treatment at your home

Even though most of our clients say they feel a difference after just one treatment with reduced pore sizes, improved skin texture and an unbelievable glow, it is strongly recommended that you complete the full regimen with treatments at Day 1, 15 and 30 for the optimal results.

After the full treatment, maintenance treatments can be performed after one month or a few months depending on your skin’s reaction to the treatment and as advised by your medical aesthetician.

NCTF® Boost 135HA can be used in various areas of the body, including:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Cleavage area
  • Inner thighs
  • Arms

Remember beautiful skin is healthy skin! With NCTF® Boost 135HA and its superstar line up of ingredients, you can Look. Feel. Be™ THE BEST YOU ever!

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Is NCTF® Boost 135HA right for me?

If you are interested in having smoother, toned skin with an even texture and a radiant glow, then NCTF® Boost 135HA is right for you!

Who makes NCTF® Boost 135HA?

A European company, FILLMED Laboratories , designed and developed this product. FILLMED has been in the anti-ageing product space since 1978 bringing innovative products to dermatologists, surgeons and aestheticians.

Where can I get NCTF® Boost 135HA treatments in Canada?

These treatments are available in The Best You™’s 7 medical aesthetic clinics throughout Ontario where our highly-trained professionals can deliver this treatment to you. The Best You™ is proud to partner with Crescita Therapeutics to bring innovative treatments to our clients. We are also a certified Laboratoire Dr. Renaud institute.

For more information or to book your consultation at any of the following clinics, please call 1-866-333-3305 or book an appointment below

Brantford * Collingwood * Kincardine * Orillia * Ottawa West * Owen Sound Embrun

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