What is a Thread Lift? – Procedure, Benefits, Costs & Aftercare

what are thread lifts

As time passes and we age, our skin undergoes changes as well. We see subtle changes like fine lines and wrinkles, but we often miss the underlying ones like the loss of strength and the decrease in its elasticity. Of course, if we could all drink from the fountain of youth we probably would! At the very least, I’m sure we’d exercise the option to look younger. 

In my experience as a medical practitioner, I’ve yet to find a person that wants to look old or older than they are. Luckily, we have options for the young and young-at-heart to help maintain and achieve that youthful look. Thread Lifts are here to help!  

Haven’t heard of thread lifts (aka lunchtime lifts or threads)? No problem. Read on to get the scoop on thread lifts – from the procedure to cost, and benefits to after care.

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What is a Thread Lift? 

A thread lift is a minimally-invasive cosmetic skincare procedure geared to give your skin a tighter appearance. Thread lifts are increasingly popular these day thanks to social media and the amazing results they deliver. They are viewed as a good and predictable alternative to traditional face lifts which are surgical procedures.

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and beauty blogger, first popularized thread lifts on the internet. Because thread lifts are non-surgical, in nature, and a simple procedure in comparison to surgical face lifts, uptake has been quick.  

Thread lifts were introduced in the 1990s to lift sagging (ptotic) facial tissues. They have evolved over the years with advancements in medical aesthetics. Today, threads are placed under the skin in certain areas so that when they are pulled in a particular direction, the skin is given a “lifted” appearance.

The added benefit to the lifted appearance is that collagen production is induced along the thread which also helps to restore a more youthful appearance.  

It is important to find an experienced and reputable medical practitioner who is licensed to perform thread lifts. Even more important is the consultation process. During the consultation process, the doctor will review the pros, cons, risks and benefits of the procedure and the expected results as well as past results from other clients. Not every procedure is for everybody!

The procedure is performed in a medical facility by the trained professional. An easy way to do this is to hop onto google and check for reviews and ratings of the medical facility you’re considering. Also, try to do it at a center that is close to your residence so that in any unforeseen circumstances, you will be easily able to pop into the facility and get the remedy.   

Thread lifts are extremely versatile. They can be used to: 

  • Lift a brow  
  • Improve eyelid heaviness  
  • Lift the mid-cheek area  
  • Create an almond-shaped eye  
  • Define the jawline  
  • Tighten the skin in the neck region
  • Eliminate or minimize generalized sagging 

What are the Benefits of a Thread Lift?  

Better Looking Skin  

Medical aesthetics aims to improve the appearance of your skin. Better looking skin is healthy skin.  Because thread lift procedures induce your body to produce collagen, the architecture of your skin improves while you are given a “lifted” look. This, ultimately, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles give you a brighter and more youthful look. 

Immediate Results 

In my opinion, one of the best things about thread lifts is that you get immediate results! That’s why it’s often considered an “Insta Lift”. It’s a quick fix for two reasons – it’s a pretty short procedure and the results are instant. 

Quick Recovery Time  

There is very little downtime and discomfort with a thread lift compared to its surgical face lift counterpart. Get a lunch lift at noon and get dinner with a friend later in the evening! 

Long-Lasting Effect 

Not only do you get instant results, they last at least 12 months and up to 3 years! Not bad for a quick fix! 

Who can have a Thread Lift? 

Typically, anyone in good health between the ages of 30 and 50 is a potential candidate for a thread lift. Thread lifts are ideal for those who consider face lift surgeries as risky. During the consultation visit, the doctor will determine if this procedure is right for you. 

How is a Thread Lift Done? 

Thread lifting is a cosmetic procedure that is minimally-invasive and a great alternative to conventional face lifts. During the procedure, dissolvable sutures (threads) like those used in other surgeries to close incisions are inserted under the skin’s surface. The threads are placed in certain locations and then pulled to tighten the facial skin in the area.  

The advantage of having a thread lift is that once the thread(s) is place under the skin, the body recognizes it as a foreign body, and this stimulates the body’s cells to produce collagen which is helpful and necessary to impart the firmer and more youthful appearance of the skin. Because of the new collagen that is formed and laid down, the results are maintained even though the threads have dissolved over 8 or 9 months.  

Types of Threads  

Three types of threads are used in this procedure – Mono, Screw/Tornado and Cog.  

  1. Mono threads are smooth. They are placed in a mesh-like fashion to achieve a skin tightening effect. These threads are commonly used on neck lines, foreheads and under the eyes.  
image 1

Types of Threads used in Thread Lifting  

  1. Screw threads or tornado threads are wrapped around the inserting needle. Thread lifts with this thread arrangement increase volume in sunken areas of the skin. When the needle is wrapped with a double thread, it has a stronger volumizing effect. Thread lifts in facial areas use only single threads.   
  1. Cog threads are mono threads with barbs (little projections). The barbs catch the underside of the skin and collagen forms around both the thread and the barbs. This thread is effective in creating a slimmer and lifted jawline. 

How Much Does a Thread Lift Procedure Cost? 

The costs of thread lifts vary. The price points are lower than plastic surgeries. Considering the recovery times are much lower than any surgical procedure, they are cost-effective overall because there is little to no downtime.

At times, your doctor may recommend that you have complementary procedures such as Botox® in addition to a thread lift to optimize your cosmetic outcome. All your treatment options will be discussed in detail with you during your consultation appointment.   

At The Best You®, your doctor and the team tailor your care to meet your cosmetic goals. As such, fees are different for each client. Your customized treatment plan and the associated cost will be discussed with you during your consultation. 

Our team of doctors, nurses and medical aestheticians are experienced and highly trained in non-surgical and surgical procedures and boast a great track record with our clients! If you are considering a thread lift, look no further and book your consultation at one of our clinics.  


Thread Lift – Before & After  

You have to “see it to believe it”! See and read what some of our clients have said about their thread lift experiences at The Best You® clinics across Ontario. 

Thread Lift Do’s & Don’t’s  

While this is a quick and simple procedure, it’s important that you follow our post-procedure instructions to avoid complications during the recovery period.  

What can you do after a thread lift?: 

 1. Gently Clean Your Face  

You need to keep your skin clean but be gentle. Rigorous rubbing may dislodge the threads and compromise the treatment.  

2. Take Breaks from Mobile and Computer Screens  

The blue light from computer screens and mobile devices (cell phone, tablets)  are hard on your eyes.  The light causes your facial muscles to contract, and can be a contributing factor to the formation of wrinkles.  

3. Moisturize your Skin 

Threads help in the natural formation of collagen, but when skin is given the nutrients it needs, the effects can be longer lasting. A good moisturizer delivers nourishment to your skin to keep it hydrated and glowing.  

4. Get Enough Sleep  

Sleep plays an important role in recovery from all medical procedures. Optimizing the amount of sleep after your thread lift is ideal in boosting the healing process. We recommend that you sleep on your back to avoid disrupting the newly placed threads.   

5. Eat Healthy Food  

Eat a nutrient dense diet after your thread lift surgery. Fruits, vegetables and good protein sources will help you recover well and keep you hydrated too. Avoid calorie-rich and nutrient-poor fast foods.  

What you can’t do after a thread lift?: 

  1. Do Not Wear Any Makeup  

Doctors suggest that you should not wear any makeup immediately after a skincare procedure to avoid the risk of infection, especially if skin incisions are present. It is best to wait at least 48 hours before applying makeup and whenever possible, choose premium quality makeup. 

  1. Do Not Smoke or Drink Alcohol  

Smoking and drinking pose health risks. Avoiding both will reduce your recovery time and encourage healthier skin, overall.  

  1. Do Not Eat Solid Foods  

Eat softer foods which require minimal chewing after a thread lift. Hard foods that require a lot of chewing strain your facial muscles and can put unwanted stress on the underlying sutures that suspend the skin.  

  1. Do Not Expose your Skin to the Sun  

UV rays are harmful to your skin and will compromise the new collagen that your body has formed. When you do go out in the sun, it is important to wear a high-quality sunscreen. Avoid exposure to extreme heat also after a thread lift.   

  1. Do Not Participate in Strenuous Activities  

As a rule of thumb, any activity which may cause abrasion or displacement of the threads should be avoided for a few weeks including exercise, other sports and any others that may be strenuous on your body. After approximately 3 weeks, you will be ready to resume your normal routine.  

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