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25% Laser Hair Removal TheBestYou


We have more in store for you in 2024 than meets the eye. This year, don’t let undesired hair get in the way of being truly you. Start fresh with 25% OFF limitless laser hair removal this month!

With our special Limitless Laser Hair Removal included with every purchase, you may look forward to years ahead of you without worrying about future touch-up fees or additional expenses!

Make a commitment to improving yourself for 2024 and beyond! By Febuary 29th, visit your nearby The Best You location to receive 25% off an infinite amount of laser hair

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Waxing Costs

$ 0

Over A Lifetime On Average.

Limitless Laser Hair Removal

Most individuals typically require 7 to 10 sessions to achieve complete hair removal. Packages with outdated session counts of 6 or 9 do not yield lasting, smooth results.

Our package ensures sparing you from bothersome touch-up fees and the risk of running out of sessions before achieving total hair removal. For a single affordable price, you receive unlimited sessions of laser hair removal on a specific area—for life!

Why Limitless Laser Hair Removal?

Changes will occur in your body. Men may notice heightened body hair growth throughout adulthood, while women may experience shifts in hormone balances due to factors such as changes in activity levels, PMS, pregnancy, menopause, etc., which can trigger increased hair growth.

At The Best You, concerns about additional session costs due to life events are eliminated. We offer the Limitless Laser Hair Removal with every body area, ensuring your results are guaranteed for life!

Limitless Laser Hair Removal
I have been going to this clinic for a few years now, due to Covid, but my experience has always been good. Very friendly staff & honest business in my experience. – Sarah Biloki
Limitless Laser Hair Removal comes at a Considerable Price

Limitless Laser Hair Removal is Affordable!

At The Best You, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin at a budget-friendly cost. That’s why we provide affordable payment plans for all.

Utilize one of our Financing Option below:

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Reviews from our Clients

Shannon Milson
Shannon Milson
Great experience!
Kyla M
Kyla M
Wonderful service, amazing results! So happy after coming here, I would definitely recommend trying!
Sarah Biloki
Sarah Biloki
I have been going to this clinic for a few years now, due to Covid, but my experience has always been good. Very friendly staff & honest business in my experience.
Shyla Ferraro
Shyla Ferraro
First off let me start by saying that The Best You has changed my entire image. I had previously had about 12 treatments of Laser hair removal on my face with not a single result. I was very hesitant about trying it again. I am glad I did. From the very first time setting foot in the Best You, they were extremely knowledgable (about the products they carry, their technology and that there may be something else health wise that I may not be aware of) and inviting. I told them what I was struggling with in regards to my skin, and they set me up on a phenomenal face cleansing routine with their Vivier products. Their technicians have done an incredible job with the laser treatments, there is always a phone call the next day to see how I am doing! The results are very obvious after only a few treatments. I have always struggled with my image and during my very first treatment with them they suggested that I go to my family doctor and ask to be tested for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) - and they were right. They know what to look for when my family doctor didn't. I can not express how impressed and thankful I am for them, and because of this I will continue to use their services and urge everyone else to as well.
Don Kearney-Bourque
Don Kearney-Bourque
The Best You in Branford is amazing. My overall experience was more than expected, with kind friendly staff, and an amazing doctor. Dr. Nestor Torres listens to what you want, and delivers. I am very happy with my results, and would highly recommend this place.
Sukhi Sidhu
Sukhi Sidhu
Best you place great for your skin my skin changed so much which I loveed so much . Before my skin was full of acne and scars but now it's so beautiful I love that place ❤️ . I love to going again and again this place to keep my skin beautiful . Everyone must try once so you will believe to me ..staff is so friendly and helpful products are great .
Mindful Path Counselling
Mindful Path Counselling
I highly recommend The Best You, Brantford. I've been going there for years now and each experience is outstanding. All of the staff are kind, friendly, professional and informative. You always leave satisfied and excited for your next treatment. The clinic space is neatly kept, bright, open and beautiful. I love the Vivier Skin line and have been using these products for two years. I have never seen my skin so bright, vibrant and full of life. I will be a lifelong customer Stephanie Dinsmore

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