Pure Kronoxyl-9 Complete Youth [In-depth Review]

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In this day and age, we face our image more than ever. We see ourselves in our mirrors as we get ready for another day of zoom calls, or perhaps video conferences from the office, or we’re finally getting back to in-person meetings.

One thing is for certain: it is as important as ever to feel confident in the image that stares back. The face that represents us should make us feel like the best version of ourselves.

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Yet, for anyone who has noticed some loss in skin elasticity, some fine lines or crow’s feet settling in to cracks not previously apparent, these signs of stress and aging can shake our confidence and leave one feeling more than a little disconnected from the ideal version of ourselves.

Of course, this is nothing new, and we may even know of a friend who undergone a procedure involving a needle and maybe even something that had a little downtime.

But for those of us who may not be ready for Botox or Dysport, or have an aversion to needles, the options to combat those pesky skin concerns have been limited to prevention. That is, until the introduction of the PURE Kronoxyl-9 Complete Youth Professional Treatment.

Thanks to this groundbreaking innovative treatment by Laboratoire Dr Renaud, now even the most apprehensive among us can effectively treat the three types of facial wrinkles: expression lines, deep wrinkles, and surface wrinkles.

For those who have already tried a few med spa treatments, including injectables, micro needling or lasers, the PURE Kronoxyl-9 Complete Youth Professional Treatment is safe and effective for use in conjunction with medical aesthetic spa treatments and can even enhance the outcomes.

The PURE Kronoxyl-9 Complete Youth Professional Treatment can achieve high-caliber results on its own or in conjunction with injectable solutions. By utilizing Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s exclusive anti-ageing complex, it will treat those pesky lines we see in the mirror.

Made up of 3 “Botox Effect” peptides, 5 smoothing and restructuring active ingredients, and hydrating Kombucha to achieve a correction of expression lines, fill wrinkles and fine lines, and provide lift. The deep action of this treatment blend has a dermo-relaxing effect on the skin, allowing for a relaxation of the facial features, and further prevention of expression lines.

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It is due to the restructuring that takes place that the effect is very Botox-like, allowing for this revolutionary treatment. The combination of hydrating ingredients along with the anti-aging complex therefore leads to smooth-looking, youthful glowing skin.

The procedure itself is painless, and usually takes up to an hour to complete. It is recommended to arrive to your appointment with clean skin, free of makeup. The treatment application starts with the Duofoliant 1, which contains bamboo exfoliating beads and apricot extract.

This sits on the skin for 5 minutes, and once rinsed off, the skin is softly dried. Next, Duofoliant 2 is applied, and this contains a blend of salicylic acid, glycolic and lactic acids, along with revitalizing vegetal extracts, including Burdock, Sage, Grapefruit and Soapwort.

After 5 minutes, this exfoliant is also rinsed off and the treatment follows up with Lift & Fill concentrate. This step helps to infuse the skin with intense hydration to provide the skin with improved elasticity and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as tonify the surface layer of skin.

The Lift & Fill concentrate, powered by a blend of fruit extracts, Swertiamarin, and Hyaluronic Acid, will sit on the skin of one minute uninterrupted, and is not rinsed. Next, the Volumizing Emulsion is applied via massage. The emulsion consists of highly concentrated Sorbitol, blended with citrus and mango extracts, and provides hydration to minimize the appearance of skin texture.

Once the massage is complete, the treatment moves into the most powerful phase: the Diffusion active patches and Expression Pro. The patches, infused with collagen, along with the Expression Pro, will be moved across the treatment areas, delivering the powerful Dermo-relaxing ingredients in Kronoxyl-9 to hydrate and attenuate the appearance of expression and dehydration wrinkles.

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At this point, the treatment begins to wind down with the return of the Lift & Fill concentrate, aided by the Fusion mask, to help provide hydration and plumping fine lines to aid and prevent vertical wrinkles. The mask is left on for 15 minutes, before the final step, massaging in the concentrated Lifting 3-D Serum.

The final serum, powered by Swertiamarine, Hyaluronic Acid, and a blend of stem cell extracts, is massaged into the skin to increase skins’ radiance, provide a tightening effect, and coat the top layer of skin for an instant smoothing effect.

The PURE Kronoxyl-9 Complete Youth Professional Treatment in total consists of 5 weekly applications of the 7-step protocol. To improve the treatment even further, Laboratoire Dr Renaud also offers a home-care line, which consists of 6 products, including a dual serum, a rejuvenating cream, and overnight youth concentrate, an anti-aging lips and contour serum, a nighttime anti-aging formula, and eye-contour anti-aging pouches. The retail products can also be used on their own to achieve results at home.

The Best You, in celebration of their 20-year anniversary, is proud to offer the Laboratoire Dr Renaud retail treatment to their customers at 20% off, making right now a great time to inquire about non-injectable treatment for fine lines and wrinkles with the PURE Kronoxyl-9 Complete Youth Professional Treatment, and maintain the results at home with the home care line of products.

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