Top 10 Treatments for Aging Neck

treatments for aging neck

Most women want a defined jawline, a long, graceful neck and firm skin under their chins. Ageing and genetics can sometimes work against this ideal aesthetic. Luckily, today there are plenty of non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic options that can help you attain the beautiful neck, chin, and jawline you desire. 

Surprisingly, for a small region like the neck, there are several common aesthetic concerns clients complain about. Keep reading to find out what the tell-tale signs of ageing are in this area and then, how they can be solved.

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Tech-Neck (formerly known as Turkey Neck) 

From laptops to tablets to smartphones and more, millennial tech habits appear to be causing a new wave of an old aesthetic concern. A condition that was once referred to as “turkey neck” is now being renamed “tech neck,” since our addiction to gadgets combined with the tendency to have our necks bent down at a screen are contributing to sagging skin around the chin and neck.  

Additionally, UV light from the sun degrades collagen and elastin, important proteins that keep skin supple, firm, and youthful. And just like your face, the neck is exposed to the sun every day. However, while most people remember to apply quality sunscreens on their faces, the neck is often forgotten.  

The skin of the neck is very delicate and thin. As a result, neck skin sags quickly with age and the loss of collagen. Again, when it comes to skin treatments like face masks, serums, and sun protection, the face gets most of the attention, but the neck, much like the décolleté area, tends to be overlooked. 

Even if your facial skin looks youthful and refreshed, the neck is a dead giveaway of your age. Sagging and crepe-like skin on the neck can make you look a lot older. No one wants that! 

Double Chin 

Ageing and weight gain can lead to the development of a double chin, aka submental fat pad. This occurs when a layer of fat forms below the chin. Weight gain is one cause but ageing and genetics are also factors. 

As the skin sags over time, the fat layer drops further, creating the illusion that you have two chins. That’s why even skinny people can form double chins. Thankfully, there are neck rejuvenation treatments that eliminate double chins.  

double chin
A woman with a double chin

Poor Jawline Contour 

A contoured jawline helps define your face. The most beautiful faces also have a defined jawline. Jowls along with a sagging jawline develop as the ageing skin sags. Neck rejuvenation treatments help define and tighten the jawline for a fresher, more youthful appearance.  

Pigmentation and Sun Damage 

Pigmentation (also referred to as hyperpigmentation) occurs when areas of the skin darken due to an increase in melanin production. It’s a very common skin concern, especially among those who enjoy spending time outside, and it only worsens with age. Pigmentation can occur anywhere on your skin but can be very frustrating when it’s highly visible on your face and neck.  

Top 10 Treatments for the Aging Neck in 2023

Now for the good news! Yes, there are treatments that can promote the appearance of a youthful neck area. Here, we’re going to focus on the most popular neck rejuvenation treatments that will lead to the optimal outcome. 

Our non-invasive treatments are best for clients who have mild to moderate neck concerns. The neck area responds very well to many rejuvenation treatments that are available in our clinics. Book a call with us to speak to one of our medical professionals about your concerns.  

1. Muscle Relaxants – Botox 

As people get older, dynamic muscles (the muscles that create movement) in the lower face and neck can become more obvious. They lead to the formation of wrinkles, lines, and bands. Neuromodulator treatments are quick, painless and have no downtime.   

2. Neck Fillers – Juvederm 

Chin fillers or neck fillers are injectable dermal fillers which contain hyaluronic acid to plump and firm the skin as well as add moisture to it. They can be used to improve and create contours in the neck and jawline areas. Our team of experienced injectors skilfully use dermal fillers to elongate the neck and soften the jaw line. Dermal fillers can also improve the shape of a chin that is disproportionate in size, angular, sloping, along with other concerns.   

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3. Neck Skin Booster Fillers 

Volite is an innovative injectable treatment designed to improve the quality of your neck skin. This is not a dermal filler, it is a skin conditioning hyaluronic acid (HA) gel. Volite is injected into the middle layers of the dermis across many sites to nourish it from the inside out.  Volite is suitable for all ages because it:  

  • Hydrates the skin due to its high water-binding capacity 
  • Increases elasticity since HA also stimulates collagen production  
  • Smoothes the skin which reduces the appearance of fine lines  

4. Fat Melting Injections for Neck – Belkyra 

This injectable treatment helps eliminate the double chin by “melting” submental fat. The injections contain a special chemical that dissolves fat by separating the fat molecules into tiny particles. The particles are then flushed away naturally by the body. Our clients have had enormous success with this treatment. 

5. PRP for Neck Laxity 

Neck treatments with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) lead to a reduction in fine lines, drooping, and pigmentation. With successive treatments, our clients see a dramatic improvement in their neck area. Because PRP contains growth factors that stimulate the regeneration of tissue and blood vessels, more nutrients are available to the skin.  

It usually takes approximately 3-6 months to produce your own collagen and elastin, so results aren’t immediate. The first thing you may notice is a new glow to your skin, followed by a decrease of pigment. Over time, you’ll see the lift and an improvement of wrinkles around your neck.  

6. Mesotherapy on the Neck 

Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin on the neck area. Depending on the “cocktail” used for your specific concern, it may also address pigmentation in the neck area.  

7. Venus Neck Treatments 

Radiofrequency treatment technologies safely deliver targeted heat below the skin’s surface to kick start the production of collagen and elastin. This restores plumpness, smoothes out wrinkles, and increases elasticity for a smoother, firmer, younger-looking neck.  

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8. Cool Sculpting 

Ditch that double chin once and for all. CoolSculpting for the chin is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that involves no anesthesia, needles, or incisions. It’s based on the principle of cooling subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin) to the point that the fat cells are destroyed by the cooling process. Then, they are absorbed and eliminated naturally by the body.

9. IPL and Laser Treatments on the Neck 

Looking to smooth away skin imperfections on your neck and chest? Get set for IPL Photo rejuvenation — a non-invasive treatment that gets to the root of the problem by harnessing the power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).  

Erase the signs of ageing from your neck and chest. This treatment targets skin pigmentation, brown spots, red blemishes, broken blood vessels and thin, saggy skin, as well as deep horizontal or vertical wrinkles on the neck or chest region.

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10. Medical Grade Skin Care 

A daily anti-ageing skincare routine for the face is a necessity for preventing sagging skin and wrinkles, so why wouldn’t we extend this same regimen to our neck and chest? It seems simple, but it’s often a missed step. Skin care is an easy way to give time and attention to the neck area since you’re already spending the time taking care of your face. The extra step to carry your products down to the chin, neck, and décolleté will be well worth it over time as the youthful appearance of your face will continue to match the youthful-looking skin on your chest and neck. This tip also goes for SPF, because the skin on the neck is thinner and lacks oil glands which help to promote natural skin moisture. 

Basically this means that the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays in breaking down collagen and elastin within the skin has a more pronounced effect on the neck! So don’t forget your sunscreen, even on gray cloudy days

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