Don’t let the winter blues get you down! Living in colour is easy during the holiday season with the newest makeup trends.


1. Flushed Cheeks

No better time than the winter season to embrace this trend! Apply blush on the “apples” of your cheek to get the” kissed by cold weather” look.

Flushed Cheeks Look

2. C is for Colour

Don’t shy away from bold, beautiful colours on your cheeks and don’t stop there. The colour can also be applied to your cheekbones and temples creating a lifting effect. Look for colours like fuschias, corals, rosy tones, and oranges.

Colorful Looks
Colorful Looks


3. Eyes “Underlined”

A popular graphic eye trend that’s subtle and easy enough to pull off, too! Just start at the inner corner of your eye and follow the waterline along the bottom lash line to the outer corner of the eye.. Get creative with colour if you dare!

Underlined Eyes

4. Colourful Underliner

Get creative with colour. Don’t shy away from being noticed.

Colorful Eyeliner

5. Smoky Underliner

Once you’ve got the waterline taken care of, draw eyeliner along the bottom of the lower lash line and smudge to achieve that sultry, smoky effect.

Smoky Underliner

6. Smoky Eyes – 90s style

An easy, “I slept in my eye makeup” look! Simply smudge your eyeliner (pencil works best) into your lash lines and swipe a smoky shadow across your lids. Of course, don’t forget your mascara!

Smoky Eyes 90s Style

7. Smoky Eyes with a Pop of Colour

Peek-a-boo! This eye look is not just mysterious, but mezmerizing too! Add a bright colour to the smoky lid or just a hint in the corner of the eyes.

Smoky Eyes with Colour

8. Oh Christmas Tree!

With the holidays right around the corner, embrace a festive green and get creative!

The Color!

9. Bright Blues Light Up Winter

Blue eyeshadow doesn’t have to give you the blues… go for a hint of blue, or be bold and make a statement.

Bright Blues Makeup

10. Tinsel Trends

Sparkly tinsel isn’t just for trees – go for glam with metallic eyeshadows in silver and gold.

Tinsel Trends
Gold Dust

11. Heavy Metal

Metallic eyeshadow looks go beyond traditional metals – think pinks, and other bright colours. Shimmer your way into 2023!

Heavy Metal

Metallic Lust

12. Pastel Presence

Make your presence known – be demure with a light wash of colour or be daring and really pack a powerful punch of colour.

Pastel Presence

13. Bejewelled

Crystal-lize your holiday glam with little jewels to accent your eyes. Think brows or the inner corner of your eyes. “Diamonds” are a girl’s best friend!


14. Graphic Wings & Liner

Be creative and bold with this geometric trend. Use striking colours or stick with black. Either way you’ll be making a strong statement.

Graphic Wings & Linear

15. Pearly Embellishments

Pearls aren’t just for wearing as jewellery – add a little glam to your look. Use them around your eyes or anywhere on your face for a little extra something.

Pearly Embellishments

16. Brush up on brows

A little pencil and some brow gel will definitely help you make a statement.

Brush Up On Brows

17. Bleached Brows

While this may not have mass appeal, it’s still trending. Lighter coloured eyebrows help your eyes stand out.

Bleached Brows

18. Curly Lashes

Dust off your eyelash curler and get ready to pump up the volume with a good mascara! lashes are always in style. Play around with fancy, fun faux lashes because this is the perfect season for it! Get inspired by some of these festive looks.

Curly Lashes

19. Ooh-la-la-lashes

While natural lashes are in – if you still want faux lashes, look for wispy-looking ones that are not too dark or obvious.

Ooh La La Lashes

20. Fuchsia fun

Eyes really pop with fuchsia.

Fuchsia fun


21. Classic red

There’s a reason the red lip is a “classic” look – it works in every season! So be bold and show off your red lips confidently.

Classic red
Classic Red Glamour

22. And not-so red, reds

The other reason red is so hot is that there’s a shade for every skin tone. Think brick red if fire-engine red isn’t you.

And not-so red, reds

23. Blue Raspberry

Sounds like a slushy, we know, and it’s equally sw-eeet!

Blue Raspberry

24. High-Definition Shine

Sparkle and shine with a good lip gloss – clear over your favourite colour or treat yourself to a new glossy colour!

High Definition Shine

25. Lip-smudge vs. Lipstick

Opt for a more natural flushed look. Dab, smudge and blot your favourite liquid lipstick onto your lips.

Lip Smudge
Lip Smudge


26. Dewy Skin

The holidays are all aglow – and so is your skin! Opt for a beautiful natural or sparkly glow with a light dusting of highlighter in all the right places – Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, and brow bones.

Dewy Skin

27. Skinimalism

Show off your natural beauty and blur the lines of beauty. Go for washes of soft colours that work with the natural shape and contours of your face.


28. All-in-one Products

Products doing double-duty are all the rage. Pare down your routine with a cheek balm you can use on your cheeks as well as lips.

29. Tinted Sunscreen

Sun protection with a barely there look. Tinted sunscreens will be your best friend!

Tinted Sunscreen
  1. Glazed temples

Highlight the temples instead of the cheeks for an eye-catching look.

Glazed Temples

With so many beautiful looks to choose from, you’ll be the shining star at this year’s holiday parties!

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