Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has gained tremendous momentum across many diverse medical disciplines. Unlimited clinical applications and long history as a safe, low-risk autologous treatment have contributed to its increasing popularity.

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Platelets contain numerous growth factors, vital for tissue regeneration and repair. The growth-promoting properties can be leveraged to accelerate the repair of aged and damaged tissues, with common applications including facial rejuvenation and hair loss.

PRP Procedure
Practitioner Undertaking a PRP Procedure

With ageing, skin loses the elasticity it needs to hold its shape – wrinkles form, eyelids droop and cheeks hollow which may lead to a more tired, worried, or older appearance. PRP therapy has been proven to improve overall skin health and minimize the signs of aging – wrinkles, hollows, deeper skin folds and pigmentation.

PRP Therapy
Client Undergoing a PRP Therapy

PRP can help regenerate damaged tissue, help eliminate scarring, even out and refresh skin tone and texture. It is also known to be effective as it reaches cells below the outer layer of the skin to stimulate growth of healthy cells and collagen.

Made famous by the Hollywood celebrities for skin rejuvenation and utilized by Physicians for many medical applications (from hair loss to knee pain).

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